Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Things Women Need to Admit

A lot of us are not as honest with ourselves as we should be. We like to blame others for the things that happen and make it seem like we're not at fault. I'm come up with a list of things I've realized.

1. We some Haters.
Yes, not all the time but a lot of the time. We are quick to say "she's not that cute" or point out someone else's flaws. Really doing it because of insecurity. What you mad for? You feel threatened? Stop worrying so much about the next chick and focus on yourself. We are too judgmental.

2. We all got some inner Hoe in us.
Girl, you better let it out. You're going to fuck around and be miserable because you haven't been fucked right. I'm not saying fuck the world, but we have needs too. A lot if us think about sex just as much as guys. I know you've fantasized about some freaky shit while you was reading Zane. Don't act like you've never watched porn and wondered "What that be like?" And we've all busted down before. (did some hoe ass shit). So, you mean to tell me that you've never done some questionable shit? Stop saying what you ain't gone do. Embrace your sexuality.

3. We're complicated.
Yes, stop complaining about men not understanding us, when we don't understand our damn selves.
I can't explain why the next bitch does what she does because she doesn't fully understand it. One minute we mad about something that we just said we wouldn't be mad about. Just stop it. Admit you're crazy as hell and get a life.

4. If you look you will find
Stop searching his text messages, Facebook, mentions on Twitter, etc. You're going to find something you not gone like even if it's nothing. Don't ask questions you don't wanna know the answer to. You're setting yourself up to me mad and pushing him away.

5. We lie too.
Yes, women are the best liars. Men just get caught. Sometimes we're not even mad about what they lied about it's because they didn't lie good like we did. Don't act like you don't mess up in a relationship too. Sometimes dudes lie because they scared of how we're going to react. Like the last to prior points. We say we wouldn't care or we're not going to get mad, but we still do. That ain't cool.

6. You're not the hottest bitch alive.
Admit it. Somewhere out there, there's a bitch badder than you. Don't get caught slipping. You're not the hottest thing since sliced bread I'm sorry honey.

7. We let ourselves go when we get cuffed.
You would think your man was wrong if he told you that you stop caring about the little things after he got with you. Bitch, you done got too comfortable. We should try to look good for our man. Remember when I said we say stuff like "She ain't that cute?" Yes, she probably done let herself go after she got him.

8. We ask people for advice we gone know agree with us.
That's pretty self explanatory. We don't want to hear the truth so we go to another bitch as basic as ourselves and ask. She don't know what she talking about either. Ask someone who's going to be honest with you and then don't get mad when it's not what you want to hear.

9. We make mistakes
We are not always right. Enough said.

10. We Petty.
Yes, all of us have had that point where we done acted petty. I bet your petty ass pointed your finger and called someone else petty.

Look admitting is the first step to recovery. I hope you can be honest with yourself.

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