Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Follow Me #TeamDickRider

When I got on twitter I realized how basic people were. Basic, materialistic, non-original, dick riders. The majority of Twitter wouldn't give two shits about what was going on in the world if their followers wasn't tweeting about it. They hit the nail on the head by calling them "Followers." I'm not against twitter. I love to tweet because I'm very random. I just want all you basic ass people to stop tweeting about shit you don't know. I've developed a list of shit that irritates me on Twitter. 

1. Twitter Lawyers.
Yes, we all had them on our timeline during the Casey Anthony trial and the Troy David execution, but none of these people have a law degree. The closest they have to one is watching Law & Order: SVU every Wednesday. And the next day these Twitter Lawyers didn't give a fuck and went on bout their lives. I'm just saying, if you don't really care don't tweet about it to feel apart of something or smart. You look dumb. 

2. Celeb Dick Riders.
These motherfuckers don't know y'all nor do they give two shits about you. Mugs be thirsty to have celebs tweet them back...It ain't gone happen. A celeb can tweet something and I'll see the damn RT all damn day on my timeline. And, oh, don't let a celeb die, everyone's so sad. You don't even know that nigga! These people are not putting any money in your bank account and they die just like everyone else. 

3. Bandwagon fans.
This shit irks me. Especially the bitches who want male attention.  This is just another example of wanting to feel included. Have a seat. We know you're faking.

4. #TeamFollowBack
I don't know you nor have you said anything funny for mr to want to follow you. Take your thirsty ass on somewhere. What are you getting from me following you? You ain't even worth following.


It's a few more that I could've named but this is the Top 5 that get on my nerves. This shit has to stop.  

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