Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Battle of Good vs Evil...hair in Black Women.

Lately, I've been exploring hair regimens to grow back my hair that I cut it 09. What I've found during this search is not only lots of info about healthy hair growing, but this battle of Relaxed and Natural amongst black women. 

Black women have a way of tearing into each other. Hair is one of the ways we do it. I've noticed that the people of both parties seem to think they're better than the other. Why should this matter, when we're both trying to accomplish the same thing. Healthy hair. 

Naturals might tell you that a relaxer is the devil. Relaxeds might say that naturals look like chia pets. But in my search, I've found that it's healthy ways to grow both. Instead of focusing on what the other party is doing and saying "Team *insert pointless category*" we should encourage each other to grow healthy hair. 

My choice was to stay relaxed and start a relaxed hair journey. I've been enjoying this and washing it frequently is very relaxing. I'm not trying to persuade anyone to go this route nor saying that a different one is wrong, but many women do. Black women already have this way of attacking each other with Light vs dark, skinny vs thick, and this hair fight. 

I got into an argument with a guy one time because I felt he was trying to rank one kind of woman higher than the other. He had made me feel like natural women were worth more. I told him that he should go find one to be with.  Are men the reason we are attacking each other? Now, don't take this as men bashing because it's not. I just feel like us women feel threatened by other types of women that guys we might be attracted to may like.  This might cause us to hate on each other. We really need to stop it. It's effecting our self esteem and our image to young girls. Your decision with what look you decide to go with, but remember it's about healthy hair and not about what "team" is better. 

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