Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Real Father

I remember the first time I saw my biological dad, well, his pic on myspace. I was adopted at birth and my father never knew I existed. My birth mother, whom I met in 2007, had lost contact w/ him and had trouble locating him. In 2008, I randomly searched his name on myspace. I don't know why his pic out of everyone else with his name stood out. Without thinking, I sent him a message asking the few things I knew about him: "Did you go to Whitney Young and Bradley, have a brother named Lemar, and are you 6'4?" Then, I sent his pic to my mother. Yeah, backwards. She confirmed it was him. I left out the part that I had sent him a message. She and my mother decided that she should tell him, but they took too long. I took things into my own hands after he messages back. He wanted to know why I asked all this. I freaked out. I finally responded, told him a little about me, and asked did he know my mother. He said yes. We had small talk and he was eager to know why I asked all these questions. So I told him everything from my mothers pregnancy to my life growing up. He took it better than I had thought. I expected an episode from Maury. He apologized for not knowing and had a bunch of questions. Since he lived in the Dominican Republic, we communicated thru email. We finally met in January of 2009. Most men would not have stepped up like he has. It is never too late to form a relationship with your parents.

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  1. no its not and God will honor you for not holding a grudge even after finding him... i cant even imagine the feelings and emotions you were going through during the process of reaching out to him...